Action Taker Mastermind and Mentoring Program – Funding (JVs and More)


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Step 1- Financing Properties Step 2 – Finding Properties

Step 3 – Funding Your Properties (JVs and More)

This course is a culmination of many years of investing experience. You will discover a wide variety of strategies that have worked for real estate investors in the past. Before you do any of the activities read through the entire course content and watch all videos once and listen to the audio.

Read Through This Course

Complete Funding Related Activities (Part 1)

Complete the following activities in the Funding Your Properties Course: Four Cornerstones (Lesson 2), Simple Business Plan (Lesson 3), What Are You Bringing to the Deal? (Lesson 4), What areas do you need a JV Partner to fill? (Lesson 5) and Partner Profile Sheet (Lesson 5).

Complete These Activities


The Co-Venture Agreement (AKA Joint Venture)

If it in not signed and in writing it does not exist! Every partnership needs to have a written agreement before clsoing on the property.  Ignore this at your own peril.   You must spend time reviewing and understanding this agreement.

Review in the Funding Your Properties Course: Lesson 25- 27

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