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Would you like to get access to more courses in the library, past meeting recordings, and more resources?

If you are currently a Professional Member of Durham REI you can upgrade your membership to the Inner Circle Membership by simply adding a monthly recurring fee of $49.95.

We will work to credit your remaining months of your Professional Membership towards the Inner Circle.

Contact support@educationrei.com to make your request.

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Durham REI Professional

(VIP)Durham REI Inner Circle Online Member

Downloadable Audio Recordings of the keynote speakers from meetings directly to your Inbox.

Access dozens of hours of pre-recorded audio, presentations, courses, and webinars from past meetings.

Monthly Meetings: Meet active investors that are actually buying and selling real estate.

Attend 10 monthly meetings in a 12 month period at no extra charge

Attend Monthly Meetings at No Extra Charge

Build Your Team Quick Start – Access to the Rolodex of over 200 local contacts.

Download Property Management, Joint Venture, and Legal documents that you will commonly use. (Worth Thousands of Dollars).

Discounts on Credit and Tenancy Checks, Rental Property Management Software, Tenant Payment Solutions and More

*Exclusive Semi-Annual Report on the Durham Real Estate Cycle – Boom, Slump or Recovery – Suggesting what actions you should take as a Real Estate Investor in the area. ($100 value per report) SAMPLE REPORT

*Exclusive Reports, Street Research, Property Management and Real Estate Investment Tips, written specifically for Real Estate Investors. (List of Resources Available Immediately to Inner Circle Members)

Special discounts and price holds on workshops and special events. (Up to 25% savings)

* Reports, street research, tip sheets and audio recordings will all be made available electronically and sent via email

** Cancel any time after the first month, you may only attend a regular Durham REI meeting at no charge in the month that you have paid.

If you would like to arrange another payment method – Credit Card, Cheque or Cash please contact support@educationrei.com