Action Taker Mastermind and Mentoring Program – Financing


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Build Your Real Estate Financing Binder

This is a crucial tool in being able to move quickly and get your properties financed. Whether you are doing this by yourself, with a spouse, or you are helping a Joint Venture Partner to put together this package. It is the key ingredient that will help make things happen for you.  You will need your financing binder in order to move quickly between lenders.

Complete Your Binder

Complete Exit Strategy Activity

Before you go firm on any deal that you are considering purchasing you will always need to come up with 3 different exit plans with the same property.   Being able to plan out multiple strategies helps you to be able to achieve success when one plan does not work.  Post this work into Basecamp in a discussion.

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Complete VTB Activity

Sometimes seller financing options, can make a mediocre deal – a great deal.  There is a whole video based course on this strategy but this lesson provides you with  a good overview on using it.  The activity helps you to get into the mindset and gets you doing an activity that puts you on the right path.

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Complete Financing Related Activities (Part 3)

Complete the following activities in the Financing Your Properties Course: Raising Buckets of Money (Lesson 7), Refinancing and Secured Lines Of Credit (Lesson 8), RRSP Mortgages (Lesson 9), Adding a Basement Suite to Primary Residence (Lesson 10), and Lease Options (Lesson 11).

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