Negotiating with Private Sellers

This series of courses subtitled “The Basics” are geared to giving you the top 10% of information that you need in order to get started using the strategy.  It will give you the key information and concepts that you can use to build your real estate business.

Working with private sellers directly takes much more time than finding a property on the MLS, but they are also much more lucrative.  When you are discussing a purchase directly with a private seller you have the opportunity to create awesome win-win scenarios.

Typically your conversations are cut-off when you have Real Estate Agents that act as gatekeepers preventing direct access between the buyers and the sellers.  Sometime this can actual lead to confusion.

Completing a Purchase and Sale agreement can be done correctly by using a good lawyer to review the documents before either party signs.

Once you learn how to complete a purchase privately you gain a unique ability, when it comes to getting deals done.