Joint Ventures: The Basics

This series of courses subtitled “The Basics” are geared to giving you the top 10% of information that you need in order to get started using the strategy.  It will give you the key information and concepts that you can use to build your real estate business.

Joint ventures can be an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to real estate investing. Eventually most people need some sort of partner in order to grow their portfolio. It is really only a matter of time. It is best to try to plant the seeds of partnership with potential partners before you actually need to do a joint venture partnership.

A joint venture (more accurately known as a co-venture) fills in the areas where you are lacking in order to complete a real estate investment purchase. It can be money that is lacking, or financing, or experience, or having a team in place, or locating a great property purchase. Whatever it you are missing in order to complete a successful purchase can be filled in through a joint venture partnership.

Once you create a system that can be replicated you will be able to do this process again and again. Through this replication you will be creating a real estate business.