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Action Taker Mastermind Hosts

Quentin D’Souza is a multiple award winning Real Estate Investor, and a trusted authority on real estate investing. He is an Ontario Certified Teacher and holds two university degrees, which includes a Master’s in Education. Quentin has appeared on local and national television and radio, interviewed in national publications, and has been a keynote speaker to large audiences of real estate investors.

Quentin is a proud member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization. His company, Appleridge Homes, uses the Buy, Fix, Refinance, and Rent strategy on long term rental properties in Ontario, Canada, as well as with joint venture partnerships to create win/win relationships on Apartment Building purchases. Quentin owns a real estate portfolio in excess of $130 million dollars of assets under management across Canada and the US and has transacted on 80+ properties since 2004.

Quentin is the author of “The Property Management Toolbox: A How-To Guide for
Ontario Real Estate Investors and Landlords,” “The Filling Vacancies Toolbox: A Step-By-Step Guide for Ontario Real Estate Investors and Landlords for Renting Out Residential Real Estate” , “The Ultimate Wealth Strategy: Your Complete Guide to Buying, Fixing, Refinancing, and Renting Real Estate” and “The Action Taker’s Real Estate Investing Planner.”

Andrew Brennan is a multiple awards winning investor, author and real estate mentor. He has offered his experience to others through coaching and consulting, television, radio, public appearances, in real estate magazines, and his book “The Ultimate Wealthy Strategy”.

Andrew has been investing in real estate for 13 years and currently owns a real estate portfolio in excess of $200 million in Ontario. He has transacted on purchases valued at more than $30M. His organization, Palm Tree Capital, includes a property management company and renovations company in multiple cities.

Andrew is known for his creative approach to investing to maximize return on investment for stake holders. He specializes in Vendor Take Back transactions, cash for keys programs, leveraging private money and renovating to add value.

Features of the Action Taker Multifamily Mastermind:

There are many people that offer coaching and mastermind programs. But here are a few areas that set this program apart.

1.      Locally Based: This program is focused on real estate strategies and information that is working right now, in the market where you are currently investing. You meet in-person live with us in a small group setting.

2.      Real Estate Education: This program is about saving months if not years on developing your Real Estate Investing business. This comes from real experience, actively doing the things that we are talking about.

3.      Accountability: This doesn’t just mean holding you accountable for the goals that you set. It also means having you see that you are creating the life that you want to live. Sometimes that might mean giving you a different perspective.

4.      Commitment: This requires all of us to give a full day during the work week each month  – 9am to 5pm towards the Mastermind.  Andrew and Quentin charge $400/hr for coaching, to have both of them in this mastermind will make it a powerhouse.

5.      Limited Capacity:  There will be a limit to 10 participants in the mastermind.

and much more.


What makes this mastermind unique is that you will develop relationships with other investors at your level and beyond your level.

•      You must have a minimum 4 million Net Worth (third party confirmation required)


You must own a minimum 6 Properties (can include joint ventures)

•      You must show a Willingness to Share what you know with other members of the mastermind

•      Application/Interview Required

If you would like to participate in this program, it is by application only. Your Application must be filled out in its entirety. We will not consider applications with missing information.

The 2022 session starts in December and your investment is $6,997+ tax for 6 months with a $297 registration/reserve fee.  We anticipate raising this amount for future sessions, but if you join with this group your rates will be locked in.

(Monthly Payment options available upon request)

*You are applying for The Action Taker Multifamily Mastermind which includes a six months within the program.

Mastermind Themes will Cycle through the Following:

Goal setting -1st session 

Understanding measurable goals to make decisions

Setting short and long term goals

Knowing when you have reached your desired end

Selection of property type and location -1st session 

            Deciding the right size of property for you

            Identify up and coming areas

Building your team – 2nd session

            Working with realtors

            Selecting the right Accountant and Lawyer

            Finding the right property manager

Funding properties – 2nd session 

            Freeing up your own funds

            Raising JV money

            1st and 2nd mortgages

Financing – 3rd session 

            Working with the bank or mortgage broker

            Understanding mortgage terms to suit your goals

Raising capital – 3rd session

            How to raise capital from friends and family and cold contacts

            JV structures and documentation

            JV relationships      

Understanding leverage – 4th session 

            Using leverage to grow your portfolio

            Leverage risks

            When to free up funds from your current properties

Using private funds to grow – 4th session 

            How to find private funds

            Documentation for borrowing funds

            The costs associated with private funds

            How to borrow funds with and minimize cash flow impacts

Scaling up for portfolio – 5th session 

            Withdrawing equity and selling to free up capital

            Trading up in size

            Adding in house property management and renovations staff   

Cash for keys strategies – 5th session

            Reviewing current buildings to identify potential gains

            Making offers to tenants

            Documentation and managing the tenant exit

Refinancing buildings – 6th session

            Determining how much is available from a refi

            Costs associated with refinancing

            Freeing up money with private funds and maintaining the 1st mortgage

Exit strategies – 6th session 

            Deciding when to exit a property

Knowing the funds available after disposing of the property

            Understanding tax implications

            Deciding what to do when your personal goals have been meet

Included in the Mastermind:

  • 24/7 Access to Private WhatsApp Channel
  • Contract Support – When You Have A Deal Under Contract
  • Full Day with Lunch Included Once per Month
  • Social Gathering with Mastermind
  • Peer Support

Send an email to and request an Application for December 2022 start date.

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