Using Corporations

What About Using Corporations?

There are many people out there who teach real estate investors that you need to be structured with corporations in a specific way. I believe that this is a conversation that you need to have with your accounant and your lawyer, and look at your specific situation.

Here is my take on corporations with a look at the end of the video on financing in corporations. (Please Note: this is a residential perspective, rather than a commercial perspective which may require different structuring)

Funds for the Down Payment

You will find many more details about raising money from Joint Venture partnerships for your deals in the Funding Your Purchase Course on this web site. Here are a couple general ideas to get you thinking. We will be discussing a few of these in more detail.

  • Flips to Generate Cash
  • Liqudate Assets
  • Leverage Exisiting Equities in Property
  • Private Money
  • Second Mortgages
  • Vendor Take Back Mortgages
  • RRSP Mortgages
  • Joint Venture Partnerships
  • Other